The biome will be a zoological breeding centre for species at risk or in danger of extinction.
This unique establishment will open a small part of its facility to the public, generating funds dedicated to investing in Biodiversity Conservation.

The biome will work in partnership with conservation and research institutions, universities, veterinarian schools and all others, near and far, who are committed to biodiversity.


A Biodiversity memorial to honour all those who lost their lives fighting for Biological diversity. In memory of Bruno Manser, Diane Fossey, Chico Mendese and so many others. This memorial will be open to the public free-of-charge and will serve as an inspiration in honour of all the unforgettable biodiversity heroes.


As of 2013, the biome will host the 3D nature film festival, acting as a cinematography resource bank, covering the entire theme of biodiversity.

A research and documentation structure on biodiversity, welcoming students and researchers working on ex situ conservation projects.

The biome will act as a centre of excellence put at the disposal of resource administrator's, helping them to perfect their knowledge on handling methods and manipulation the fight against illegal trafficking.

The Souston conference will take place every two years with international specialists, running along the same lines as the Bichat hospital medicine conference.

Regular check-ups will take place, together with an exchange of knowledge on nature conservation projects and the earth's hot spots. These events will attract the media and the public at large providing the opportunity to raise funds for financing conservation operations.